To Your Health - July 2011
To Your Health - July 2011
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By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: July 2011

Brain nutrition to relieve depression and stress; Book: Stop Alzheimer’s Now by Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D. — Nutrition for relief of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases; Spiritual help: Ho’oponopono, Abraham (Jerry and Esther Hicks) and Braco of Croatia

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To Your Health – July 2011

Dear Friends,
Welcome to this July 2011 issue of To Your Health. In this issue we explore brain nutrition and natural substances that help the body self-heal from depression and stress. Spiritual methods to relieve stress are describes: Ho’oponopono as taught by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len of Hawaii; Abraham, the works of Esther and Jerry Hicks; and Braco of Croatia.
May your summer be blessed with sunshine and happiness.
To Your Health,
Lita Lee

Brain Nutrition

What substances nourish and protect the brain and keep it healthy? Although many substances do not pass the blood-brain barrier, some that do are very important for your brain health.

Book Review: Stop Alzheimer’s Now!
By Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D.

This amazing book by Dr. Bruce Fife will give hope to many people who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Fife shows that dementia and other forms of neurodegenerative diseases are not due to aging. They have a cause and a solution.
Alzheimer’s disease is the 7th leading cause of death and the most common form of dementia. Today, 5.3 million people in the United States and Japan have Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s destroys brain cells, causing memory loss and impaired thinking, and interferes with the normal activities of daily living. It progresses over time and is fatal.
Dr. Bruce Fife’s book describes a ketogenic diet, why it works with many references and how it can help not only Alzheimer’s disease but also other neurodegenerative disorders including other forms of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ALS. The ketogenic diet was first used to treat epilepsy, but this book demonstrates that the ketogenic diet can provide help for much more than this condition.
Contrary to prior beliefs, scientists have now discovered that brain cell regeneration (neurogenesis) does occur in humans, which is why people with traumatic brain injuries can recover and return to a normal life for the most part.
Dr. Fife provides many delicious ketogenic recipes. He also describes all of these neurodegenerative illnesses with illustrations of famous people who have them.
I recommend this book for everyone.

Comment by Dr. Ray Peat on the Ketogenic Diet

Coconut oil's short chain fats work very much like ketones, and can be changed to ketones without the extremes of carbohydrate avoidance. It's largely the exclusion of PUFA that's important.

Anti-depression and Anti-stress Nutrition

Depression seems to be getting more prevalent these days as we witness catastrophic earth disasters — the Japan triple disaster, earthquakes in many countries, hurricanes and tornados, floods, etc. Not to mention the foreclosure disaster and our current economy that has left many people struggling just to pay the rent and eat. Then there are many stressful life situations that cause depression, anxiety and panic. Life is not possible without stress. It’s how we handle it that makes the difference. Below I have listed nutritional and non-toxic support for stress with its many ramifications. Spiritual methods are also briefly described.


Thera-zyme Adr: The Adr formula contains a food source of B vitamins and sucrose. It provides nutritional support for symptoms related to poor sugar (sucrose) digestion. Adr will support normal structure and function in people who may feel stressed, have trouble concentrating or focusing (ADD or ADHD) and who may feel panicky, hyperactive, depressed or sad, moody, irritable or angry, wake up at night and cannot go back to sleep, or who may become dizzy due to low blood sugar. Usage: 2 caps per meal to digest sugar OR 4 caps to provide nutritional support for the emotional symptoms related to low blood sugar and the associated mental/emotional symptoms.
Thera-zyme TRMA: TRMA is for nutritional support in people who may have anxiety (sighing a lot), immune system problems, bacterial or viral infections, soft tissue trauma (accidental or surgical), edema (fluid retention anywhere, including ears, ankles, etc.), pain, gum problems and parasites. TRMA is also for the health of the hair, eyes, skin and nails. TRMA must be taken on an empty stomach with water only so that it will work in the blood and not act as a digestive enzyme. People with gastric problems should be aware that the potent protease in TRMA can exacerbate gastric problems if taken too close to meals. Usage: 4 caps between meals 3x/d and up to 5x/d, depending upon the need.
Thera-zyme CLM: CLM contains herbal nutritional support for people who may be nervous, have trouble falling asleep, have difficulty concentrating, frequent daydreaming, and a history of severe stress — emotional, mental, physical or spiritual, including sexual abuse. Usage varies from 2 caps 3x/d to 4 caps 3x/d or as needed, for example, before bed for who have difficulty falling asleep. It is commonly needed in people who need a coccyx (tailbone) adjustment, which always occurs if a person suffers serious abuse including sexual.
Thera-zyme SvG: The SvG enzyme provides nutritional support in people who may have frequent irritated or sore throats, sores on tongue or in the mouth, history of stuttering or speech problems, hard lumps or marbles under the jawbone, have difficulty relaxing, difficulty calming down thoughts, trouble falling asleep because they can’t relax or stop thinking. It is also for carbohydrate craving when taken with meals. Usage: 2 caps per meal 3x/d for carbohydrate craving and 4 caps best between meals as needed to relieve the above symptoms, or before bed to help relax the mind so you can fall asleep. 


Rhodiola rosea: I recommend Rhodiola rosea, which has been used for centuries in the traditional medicine of Russia and Scandinavia. There is a 1755 entry on Rhodiola in the first Swedish pharmacopoeia. Over the past 40 years, more than 180 studies were conducted, mostly by Russian researchers. Soviet interest was prompted by goals to give the Soviet military an edge and to improve stamina and performance of astronauts as well as Olympic athletes. Soviet researchers classified the herb as an adaptogen, a substance that can increase resistance to stress. Rhodiola has a positive nutritional effect on the mitochondria (the “lungs” of the cell) and may also increase metabolism and improve overall brain metabolism. By providing this energy boost, Rhodiola appears to help cells function better under stress. As well, antioxidants in this herb help protect cells and DNA from peroxidative (free radical) damage. The mechanism by which Rhodiola reduces depression has not been proven.
Here is a summary of clinical benefits reported with Rhodiola. (Source: “The Herb That Came In From The Cold,” by Peter Jaret, Alternative Medicine, January 2005.)
  • Decreases fatigue and stress whether from illness, jet lag or hard work
  • Improves physical performance
  • Eases mild to moderate depression
  • Nutritional support for the immune system
  • Improves mental performance and rate of learning

Hormonal Balancing

Thyroid glandular: Used for hypothyroidism. There are many symptoms of low thyroid function and it’s often not diagnosed because it rarely shows up in the blood since it is a nutritional problem (with rare exceptions). Hypothyroidism is wide spread because of the many anti-thyroid substances in our diet, water and air. Depression and chronic fatigue are very common symptoms of hypothyroidism. It responds to optimum digestion, the prothyroid diet and hormonal balancing.
Pregnenolone: Since adequate LDL cholesterol (if adequate) is converted into pregnenolone by thyroid hormone (if adequate), hypothyroid people do not produce enough pregnenolone, which is (or should be) the second most abundant steroid in the body. Cholesterol (a steroid alcohol) is (or should be) the most abundant. Adequate production of pregnenolone is only possible with good thyroid function.
Progesterone: Pregnenolone is the starting material that can be converted into progesterone and DHEA. The prothyroid diet link:
Link to hormonal balancing articles:

Spiritual Aids

Ho’oponopono — An Ancient Hawaiian Healing Practice
Ho’oponopono means “to make right” and is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice currently being taught by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a Hawaiian shaman and psychologist.
Dr. Hew Len’s process, called Self I-dentity through ho’oponopono releases toxic memories from our subconscious that show up as problems in our everyday lives. When these are released, you connect with zero limits, which means you are guided by inspiration instead of memories replaying in your subconscious. The Ho’oponopono process provides “a step by step approach to achieving peace, balance and a new meaning of life.” So, whenever you want to improve anything in your life, look inside yourself and do it with love. When we are willing to take responsibility and let go, what is right and perfect unfolds.
So doing ho’oponopono means loving yourself and healing your life. By healing yourself, you can heal others. Here are the phrases used in the ho’oponopono process
I love you.
I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
Saying “I love you” transmutes the energy from stuck to flowing. It reconnects you to the Divine. Zero limits means that nothing exists and everything is possible. What happens next is up to the Divine. You may be inspired to take action of some sort. Whatever it is, do it. If you aren’t sure about the action to take, use this same healing method on your confusion. When you are clear, you will know what to do.
The lack of love blocks our wellbeing. Forgiveness opens the door to allow it back in. Saying “I’m sorry,” asks the Divine to help you forgive yourself. And acknowledges that something — without you knowing what it is — has gotten into your body/mind system. You have no idea how it got there. “Thank you” expresses gratitude to Divinity for the healing.
More information about ho’opononpono:

Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks)
For 25 years, Esther and Jerry Hicks have been inspiring thousands of people with the teachings of Abraham through their lectures, cruises, books, CDs and DVDs.
Abraham has told us through Esther that whenever we feel moments of great love, exhilaration, pure joy, stoned-out bliss, even the energy of sexual orgasm, what we are feeling is the Energy Flow rushing through our bodies that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is.”
Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence,” and to Jerry they are “the purest form of love I've ever experienced.”
A Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks' Teachings — The Law Of Attraction
1. You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical.
2. You are here in this body because you chose to be here.
3. The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy.
4. You are a creator; you create with your every thought.
5. Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.
6. As you are choosing your thoughts, your emotions are guiding you.
7. The universe adores you for it knows your broadest intentions.
8. Relax into your natural well-being. All is well. (Really it is!)
9. You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy.
10. Actions to be taken and possessions to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy.
11. You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain.
12. You cannot die; you are everlasting life.
P.S. It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience — for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you!
If you Google Abraham – Esther and Jerry Hicks, you will find dozens of links to their hundreds of products.
Braco of Croatia
Braco was born on November 23, 1967, in Zagreb, Croatia, where he also built his healing center. It is visited every month by thousands of people from all over the world. Journalists and scientists who have studied Braco and his energy have been impressed by the impact of his work, which has resulted in an incredible number of documented cases of physical healings and life transformations taking place in those who attend his gazing sessions. The experts are also impressed that Braco is able to have such a strong impact on his visitors, and began his work at the extraordinarily young age of 26.
At the age of 24, Braco received a master’s degree in economics. Two years later, his first meeting with the Serbian healer, Ivica Prokic, in the autumn of 1993 changed his life completely. Braco gave up his former job as a businessman and joined Ivica in a mission to help people with a special energy and consciousness.
¬With extraordinary dedication and friendship, Braco was with Ivica until his unexpected death in the spring of 1995. Braco did not realize that he was born to be the one to carry on with Ivica’s work until the people of the community came to tell him again and again that they felt this power in him, and that he should try to help them.
Today Braco is traveling more and more, and there are sessions with him on a frequent basis in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, across the United States, and at a number
of international conventions and congresses in Japan, Denmark, Italy and many others. Braco simply gazes silently at his visitors in groups between 50 and 1000 people and healings occur.
Braco himself says that he is not a healer and that the energy felt from his gaze comes through him, not from him.
More information about Braco:

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