Nights of Wonder DVD

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Photography by John Flinn
Golden Harp of Joel Andrews

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In this DVD of slides by photographer John Flinn, you will see breathtaking Northern Light photos plus other majestic night sky wonders while listening to the angelic Golden Harp music of Joel Andrews. Relax and prepare yourself for a peaceful and healing experience.

In Nights of Wonder, John Flinn shares 19 years of photographs of the night sky. John envisions the Northern Lights as luminous emissaries from the arctic skies. Watch the magic of the night skies and become transported by this unique and surreal experience.

In Gloria for GAIA, Joel Andrews has co-created, with his Sources, healing music for our beautiful planet and the life forms upon it. Whenever this unique music is played, it emanates resonances of cleansing, transmutation of negativity and harmony to effect the surrounding environment.

About the Artists:

John Flinn, Photographer, Nights of Wonder DVDJohn Flinn was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  John was just 10 years old when he first saw the Northern Lights - waves of white light cascading across the sky. This was the beginning of his lifelong interest in astronomy, the Northern Lights and the night sky. John has been photographing the Northern Lights for more than 19 years. His artistic goal is “to make visible for others the nearly invisible, fleeting movements of transcendent beauty that occur in nature.”

John’s first exposure to photography also occurred when he was 10 years old, flying over to Europe for the first time. From then on, John always had a camera with him on trips to the wilderness and during travels to Peru, Chile, the Himalayas and Mexico.

A business trip to Alaska in 1990 changed his direction in photography, when for the first time he photographed the Northern Lights. After moving to Eugene Oregon, John continued night sky photography. In early 2000 he noticed the unmistakable glow of the aurora and later discovered that the Northern Lights can light up the Oregon night sky as many as 10 times a year. Since then, John has been photographing the Northern Lights and other nocturnal scenes. 

John Flinn’s photos have been published in magazines such as Astronomy and Sky and Telescope. He has lectured and presented slide shows extensively to astronomy clubs, service clubs and schools including the University of Oregon and Oregon State University. His photos have been featured in many newspapers. The University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History featured an exhibit of his large aurora photographs in the fall of 2006.

Golden Harp, Joel AndrewsGolden Harp embodies the extraordinary music and services of Joel Andrews, world-renowned harpist, composer, author and pioneer music healer. His vision is to bring all the peoples of the world together in peace and harmony through the healing power of music. He does this through concerts, seminars, lectures, individual healing sessions, counseling and the distribution of CDs and books. (,
"He plays like a god!" ~ Romula Nijinski, wife of the great Russian Dancer.
Few harpists come close to Joel. Andrews' superb technical mastery of the harp on which he has discovered 30 new sounds. His concerts transcend ordinary musical performances, uplifting the body into documented states of greater balance and harmony. Researchers have found configurations similar to DNA patterns in Andrews' music and in laboratory tests it was found to change the structure of water.
Since ancient times the healing powers of the harp have been recognized. In 1971 Joel Andrews began translating spontaneously the music he was hearing in higher dimensions, taking this capability to new heights. A once-in-a-lifetime experience, hearing his music lifts one into higher planes of spiritual ecstasy. One is left feeling a deep stillness at the core of being, new-found freedom, and an expectancy of fulfillment. Under his gifted and inspired hands the harp becomes a messenger of peace, harmony, upliftment, and joy.
Mr. Andrews' innovations in the field of sound healing have helped thousands of people unlock their highest potential by re-aligning them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Golden Harp offers a wide spectrum of services supporting the work of physicians, body workers, healers and many alternative practitioners, as well as providing tools for individuals to achieve greater harmony in their lives. This is because the music goes beyond words, representing one of the most powerful, universal forms of non-verbal communication.
Mr. Andrews has created personalized healing CDs for over 3,000 individuals. Countless testimonials document the profound therapeutic and transformative effects of these sessions. His 30 CDs and cassettes are distributed worldwide and used to enhance many modalities of therapy. Tours to 11 countries have uplifted thousands through concerts, improvised for each time and place, and unique seminars. He has been a frequent performer and facilitator at many conferences, and has written a book entitled "A Harp Full of Stars", chronicling his 28 years as a music healer.

Distributer rates are available for retail stores. Please contact John Flinn or call 503-772-1238 for more information.

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