To Your Health - April 2009
To Your Health - April 2009

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By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: April 2009
HypnoBirthing, Part II: Using Hypnosis to Relieve Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum); Ho’oponopono: notes from Zero Limits by Drs. Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.
In this newsletter I present an more information on HypnoBirthing and how it is being used to relieve morning sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum). Plus I present a quick overview of Ho'oponopono as described in the book Zero Limits by Drs. Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.

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April 2009 – To Your Health

Dear Friends,

Ahhhh, I see signs of Spring! Crocuses, daffodils and buds are blooming on the trees and rose bushes. We are getting a warm, sunny day here and there! More will come. I am looking forward to sunshine, warmth, blue skies and flowers. In this issue I discuss using hypnosis to relieve the severe morning sickness of pregnancy called Hyperemesis Gravidarum plus more information on ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian shaman healing method taken from the book Zero Limits by Drs. Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len.

To Your Health,

Lita Lee

HypnoBirthing – Part II
Using Hypnosis to Relieve Morning Sickness (Hyperemesis)

When I asked Sharon Molony, a childbirth educator from Australia why Marie Mongan’s book, HypnoBirthing, had no information on morning sickness, she replied: “Although the HypnoBirthng book doesn’t say anything about hyperemesis, the techniques can be used successfully to relieve the nausea and vomiting. Peter Jackson was originally a hypnobirthing (HB) practitioner, and I trained with him. He told me that he was using hypnosis techniques (similar to those used in HB) to relieve hyperemesis, so I started to do the same and also had good results.” Peter's 12-page article is briefly summarized below. More case histories are covered in his paper.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

By Peter Jackson, R.N., R.M., P.S.H. Therapist; HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Website:; E-mail:
Address: 181 Merrigang Street, Bowral, NSW 2576; Phone + (02) 4862 1156

“I am a registered nurse with 31 years experience nursing in the General, Psychiatric and Midwifery disciplines. For the last 14 years I have worked in the maternity unit of a busy rural hospital where there are approximately 650 to 700 births each year. Between 1994 and 1996 I attended what was known then as the Brice-Wright School of Hypnotherapy. I undertook the basic Clinical Hypnotherapy course and then continued with the Brice-Wright School to complete the 15-month course in Private Subconscious Mind Healing (PSH). Upon completion I gained accreditation as a PSH therapist. During my PSH training, my clinically based research involved the problem of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG).”

Hyperemesis is a condition that commences with what is commonly known as morning sickness, which can be one of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. This symptom of early pregnancy is reported to be experienced by 50 to 80% of pregnant women. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is excessive vomiting in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The nausea and vomiting become so excessive at times that this condition can be life threatening to the mother and the fetus. They can require hospitalization for fluid replacement due to dehydration because they are unable to retain either fluids or solid food taken orally. The diagnosis of HG is usually made when the vomiting of early pregnancy is so excessive as to warrant the admission of the patient to hospital for fluid replacement and other medical intervention to control the nausea and vomiting. It is important at this stage to exclude other possible causes of emesis.

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully in the United States for many decades with hyperemesis patients. However, knowledge of this success has been poorly circulated. In the past clinical studies and trials have been poorly designed to effectively spread the positive results of this natural, drug-free approach to alleviate the distressing nausea and vomiting of this condition.

Biological, psychological and sociological factors have been implicated in the etiology of this condition. The consensus of opinion from the research is that the cause of this complaint interplays all three aspects mentioned above. These include disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin deficiencies (especially the B group of vitamins) and endocrine/hormonal imbalances. A number of studies implicate high levels of circulating human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone (HCGH) as well as estrogen and thyroxin in the genesis of this condition while low levels of progesterone have been thought to contribute to the cause as well. Physiological causes that have been suggested include maternal immune system rejection of the conceptus; maternal toxicity, due to circulating toxins possibly originating from either the gastrointestinal tract, liver or an ovarian source; and esophageal reflux in combination with fluctuations in gastric pH.

Iancu et al, (1994), states, “The etiology of hyperemesis is still obscure, but it is noteworthy that in primitive cultures excessive morning sickness is unknown. It is only after civilization reaches these people that pregnant women start suffering from this complaint. The importance of psychological factors in the causation of hyperemesis is indicated by the disappearance of symptoms when the patient is separated from the family and frequent relapses that occur upon returning to this environment. The fact that hyperemesis gravidarum is seen only in humans, that it is treatable by hypnosis and other forms of suggestion and that its incidence markedly decreases during war time, are further supporting evidence of its psychosomatic nosology” (p. 145). (Not all authorities agree with this position.)

To my knowledge PSH (Private Subconscious Mind Healing) had not been used with mothers suffering this distressing condition at the time I began my research. Here is a case history on the first mother I worked with who was suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Her name was Gabrielle. I had just completed the first intensive PSH training weekend. When I returned back home, I was on night duty at the hospital.

At 8 weeks into her second pregnancy, Gabrielle had been admitted for the second time during the pregnancy for fluid replacement via intravenous therapy for hyperemesis and dehydration after suffering a 2-week period of non-stop nausea and vomiting. I was somewhat shocked at the appearance of this mother. My initial observation, from a visual point of view, was a young mother who looked very dehydrated, gaunt and pale (almost gray) with sunken eyes and prominent cheek bones.

After introducing myself, and explaining PSH to her, I offered to work with her if she was interested. Gabrielle replied, “I am willing to try anything.”

The following night I began the introductory session. Gabrielle was an excellent student. She was able to achieve deep physical and mental relaxation. When she reoriented from session one, there was a feeling of calmness. For the first time in weeks, there also was an absence of nausea. Gabrielle could not quite believe it.

I saw Gabrielle at around 6 a.m. the following morning. I was amazed. Gabrielle was almost skipping up the corridor of the ward, IV pole rocking along beside her. I remember her words well. “What did you do to me last night,” she asked. “I have had the most comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep; it has been so long since I had such a beautiful night’s rest.”

I replied that it was she who had made some very positive shifts at the subconscious level. As a therapist, I could provide an atmosphere where learning and change could take place. However it was the patient that effected the inner changes.

After session one the vomiting almost ceased however the nausea persisted. We continued with sessions two and three. Gradually the nausea decreased. I did a fourth session and the feedback from Gabrielle from the previous session was, “No further vomiting” and the nausea was experienced on one day only. She told me that she felt in control of the nausea.

Gabrielle's big news was that she was once again participating in family life. Her husband had noticed a major difference. I contacted Gabrielle several times over the next few months. She reported no further vomiting but there had been a few episodes of nausea. On several occasions medication was taken for the nausea, which promptly relieved the symptoms — whereas prior to the PSH, no medication worked. Feelings of calmness and happiness filled her days as she prepared for the birth of her child. Gabrielle was extremely grateful for the work we had done together.

Ho’oponopono Notes from Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Zero Limits describes a shamanic healing method called Ho’oponopono as taught and practiced by Hawaiian shaman and psychologist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. These brief notes are only the tip of the iceberg. Ho’oponopono is a problem solving process of repentance, forgiveness and transmutation that anyone can use. It petitions Divinity to erase toxic memories (negative programs). The Divinity within knows how to convert the replaying memories to zero. One refrain that heals any and all wounds is: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you. Saying “I love you” nonstop helps us tune in and neutralize the memories, programs, beliefs and limitations that prevent inspiration. As you keep cleaning (erasing), you will become receptive to pure inspiration from Divinity. As you act on inspiration, miracles that you could never imagine take place. All you have to do is keep cleaning.

Problems come from painful memories replaying. Memories are programs. They aren’t just yours. They are shared. The way to release the memory is to send love to the Divinity. Divinity hears and responds, but in the best way for all, at the time right for all. You choose, but you don’t decide. Divinity decides.

Your conscious mind will try to understand it all, but it is only aware of 15 bits of information while there are 15 million bits happening all the time. Your conscious mind does not have a clue about what’s happening.

All problems begin as thought. The problem is that all our thoughts are imbued with painful memories — memories of persons, places or things. The intellect (mind) working alone can’t solve these problems, because the intellect only manages. Managing things is no way to solve problems. You want to let them go. With Ho’oponopono, the Divinity takes the painful thought and neutralizes or purifies it. You don’t purify the person, place or thing. You neutralize the energy you associate with that person, place or thing. Not only does that energy get neutralized, it also gets released, so there is a brand new slate. Buddhists call this the Void. The final step is that you allow the Divinity to come in and fill the void with light.

You don’t have to know what the problem or error is. All you have to do is to notice any problem you are experiencing — mental, emotional or physical, etc. Once you notice, your responsibility is to immediately begin to clean, to say: “I love you, I’m sorry. Please forgive me and thank you.”

What Does “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me and Thank You” Mean?

Saying “I love you” transmutes the energy from stuck to flowing. It reconnects you to the Divine. Since the zero state is one of pure love and has zero limits, you are beginning to get to that state by expressing love. Zero limits means that nothing exists and everything is possible. What happens next is up to the Divine. You may be inspired to take action of some sort. Whatever it is, do it. If you aren’t sure about the action to take, use this same healing method on your confusion. When you are clear, you will know what to do.

The lack of love blocks our wellbeing. Forgiveness opens the door to allow it back in. By saying “I’m sorry,” you are asking the Divine to help you forgive yourself. Saying “I’m sorry, please forgive me” is to acknowledge that something — without you knowing what it is — has gotten into our body/mind system. You have no idea how it got there. “Thank you” expresses gratitude. You are showing your faith that the issue will be resolved for the highest good of all concerned.

Who is in Control — Memory or Inspiration?

We act from either memory or inspiration. Memory is thinking. Inspiration is allowing. Most of us live out of memory. Either your mind will serve memory (whatever is going on in your mind) or it will serve inspiration. Only when your mind is at zero (e.g., memories or programs erased) can creation (inspiration) take place. If memories are playing, you won’t hear the inspiration, let alone act on it. As a result, Divinity doesn’t get in. Divine Intelligence is where all of this inspiration comes from, and it’s inside you. It’s not out there anywhere. Inspiration is from the Divine, but a memory is a program in the collective unconscious of humankind. A program is like a belief; a programming we share with others when we notice it in others. Our challenge is to clear all the programs so we are back at the zero state, from which inspiration can come.

Memories or inspiration have an immediate and absolute impact on everything from humanity to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. When a memory is converted to zero by Divinity in one subconscious mind, it is converted to zero in all subconscious minds. So what happens to your soul moment to moment happens in all souls at the same moment. You can appeal to the Divine Creator to cancel these memories in your subconscious mind and to replace them in your soul and the souls of all with Divinity’s thoughts, words, deeds and actions.

If you have a challenge with somebody, it’s the memory that’s coming up that you are reacting to, not the other person.

Healers Can Only Heal Themselves, Not Others

The client is perfect. The client is not the problem. The healer is not the problem. The problem is error memories replaying in the subconscious that the healer shares in common with the client.

What should therapists do for their clients? Dr. Hew Len says, “Just love them. All everyone wants is to be loved. It doesn’t matter what the therapist says or does as long as he/she loves the client. Because they are a part of you, your loving them will help erase and clear the program activated in their life.”

Therapists think they are here to help people or save people. But in reality their job is to heal themselves of the program they see in their patients. As those memories get canceled in the therapist, they get canceled in the patient. Remember, the person you see is the mirror of you. What they experience is shared by you. Clean the shared program, and you’ll both get well.

Ancestral Healing

This prayer was given to Dr. Hew Len by his teacher, Mornah Nalamaku Simeona, who founded The Foundation of I, Inc. (Freedom of the Cosmos), which is described in Zero Limits.

Mornah’s Prayer: “Divine creator, father, mother, son as one. If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…. Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light….And it is done.”

You can order the book and a seminar transcript from
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Oops, I ran out of space! Please see my blog on non-toxic nutritional support (enzymes, homeopathics and more) for your child’s so-called “behavior problems.” I also provide information about why childhood is not a disease and why it’s dangerous to give children anti-psychotic drugs to control their behavior.

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