Colon Problems
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Colon Problems
By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Nutritional support for colon problems
This describes the nutritional causes and the enzyme and thyroid connections to colon problems. The fiber-, enzyme-, thyroid-, diet- connection to colon problems are described and a nutritional program is presented which addresses each connection. There are specific enzyme formulas that address constipation, diarrhea and diarrhea alternating with constipation. Case histories are presented from clients diagnosed with colitis, appendicitis, Crohn's disease (ulcerative colitis), and diverticulitis.

Published Date: 4/27/2001

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Updated 1/26/2010
These are notes are from my research plus private conversations with Dr. Howard Loomis, Dr. Don Sumers and others.  The following article on cell immortality is an introduction to colon health.

How To Have Immortal Cells - The Theory of Cell Immortality

This story was taken from experiments by Dr. Alexis Carrel who performed them in 1911 at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York.  He received the Nobel prize for his research, which included  growing living tissues on microscopic slides. Dr. Carrel discovered that cells in a culture live indefinitely when they are fed daily and the products of digestion are removed from the culture.  This led him to his theory of cell immortality.  Whether you agree or not, no one can argue with the fact that serious harm results from leaving products of digestion (e.g. waste materials) in the body too long.  This information came from an article by Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane, Bart, C.B., in the Cancer Control Journal issue on colon health.

Have you ever wondered what keeps you living and breathing from birth until death?  I am talking about a very down-to-earth situation, not religious issues!  How do we keep the cells of our bodies nourished and prevent disease from occurring?  Picture the blood as a series of leaky garden hoses, from which are distributed food for every cell and tissue in the body and into which flows nutrients as needed.  Where does the blood get its nourishment?  Hopefully, from what you put into your mouth - e.g. food.

What if the food you eat does not get digested?  Briefly, undigested bits of food cause trouble wherever it goes.  In the blood, they combine with antibodies to form circulating immune complexes (CIC’s), which cause inflammatory conditions in whatever tissues they are deposited.  In the colon, the undigested food rots (putrefies), forming a group of deadly phenolic substances collectively called indican.  Indican is tossed back into the blood where some of it gets detoxified via the liver, and the other causes over 100 different pathological conditions ranging from bad breath to cancer.  Also, poor digestion causes mobilization of the immune system, which can be measured in terms of an increased white blood count every time cooked and processed foods (devoid of enzymes) are eaten; indicanuria (toxic substances that come from undigested food that are excreted into the urine) and an enlarged pancreas (pancreatic hypertrophy).

What if you digest 100% of everything you eat?  Nutrients are then available to be delivered to the cells and tissues of the body.  The next important thing is to get rid of the waste products from metabolism.  If this is done through proper elimination, the cells should remain healthy throughout the life of the organism and death should not occur from disease but, rather, from natural causes.  Right? (Say yes!).

Let's see how this theory works on a small, cellular level as Dr. Carrel demonstrated it.  He cultured some cells to which he supplied nutrients every day.  He found that if he washed away the waste products of metabolism from these cells, they grew and thrived.  If he continued daily feeding but postponed removal of their waste products, allowing them to remain in contact with the cells for two days, the cells did not thrive.  If waste products were left for longer than two days, the cells became feeble and died.  The cells did not die of starvation, but of autointoxication resulting from lack of removal of the waste products of metabolism.  In humanity, we call this condition 'constipation.'

Fifteen years later, Dr. Carrel's cells continued to grow and thrive, providing they were supplied with nutrients and their waste products removed on a daily basis.  From this experiment, Dr. Carrel concluded: "Cell proliferation is unlimited in time. Today, the rate of growth of the strain of fibroblasts is as great as it was fifteen years ago. The curve representing growth velocity is parallel to the time axis.  Time has no action whatever on these tissues.  They are immortal."

I do not know if these 1911 cells are still alive. My point is that we must do more than put food, including wholesome organic food, into the mouth to be healthy.  Whatever we ingest must be digested and delivered via absorption through the small intestines into the blood and from there into the cells and tissues.  As well, the waste products of metabolism must be eliminated.

Dr. Carrel served twenty years in West Africa where he treated 60 patients daily.  During this time, he saw only six cases of cancer in a population of two million people.  Five of the cases were in coast stations (e.g. had access to processed Western foods), the sixth in the grass country.  Only once did he come across a case of appendicitis and it was not a clear case.  He states, "where conventionalism (e.g. junk food) is absent and food perfectly natural and abundant, and there is no such thing as constipation, there is NO cancer."

The Fiber Connection to Colon Cancer and other Diseases

What is fiber?  It's the indigestible parts of cells walls of vegetables, fruits and grains. We call fiber indigestible because our bodies do not produce the cellulase required to digest it.  We must get it from raw foods or in food enzyme supplements.  That's why cellulase is a very important food enzyme supplement.  The only person I have ever heard talk about this is Howard Loomis, who adds cellulase to his formulations.

There are five types of fiber:  cellulase (crude fiber also called roughage), hemicellulose, gums (such as guar), lignin and pectin.  Different fibers do different things. 

How much dietary fiber is required to prevent cancer? To answer this question, let's compare people who eat a natural high fiber diet to those who don't. People in Third World countries who eat totally natural foods consume 24-25 grams per day of food-fiber.  America's favorite foods - meat, unsaturated fat (PUFA, polyunsaturated fatty acids called omega-3 and -6 ols), refined (white) sugar and flour have no fiber.  America’s standard diet provides a mere 6-8 grams per day of food fiber.

Do not confuse fiber as it exists in natural whole raw foods with fiber supplements, which consist of a whole gamut of synthetic alternatives including sawdust!  To really work, the fiber must not be separated from its mother plant.  I am not saying that some of the excellent colon cleanse formulas containing fibers do not help.  They are better than nothing when an American low fiber diet is the standard fare. However, there is no substitute for fiber as it naturally occurs in the food. The health effects of fibers presented in this paper come from studies on whole food fiber, not fiber supplements which have been extracted from food.  In this article, we will emphasize the effects of food-fiber, especially that contained in raw foods in the prevention of colon cancer.

Over 600 papers have been written on the health effects of food- fiber and its role in the prevention of bowel (colorectal) cancer, appendicitis, diverticular disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, and its role in the reduction of coronary heart disease and hiatal hernia.  The colon is the dumping ground for wastes from the gastrointestinal tract. How does fiber prevent colon cancer?  Colon transit time - e.g. the time between ingestion of food and excretion of waste materials - is 15-18 hours among peoples who eat a diet high in raw, high-fiber foods.  Among peoples in the U.S., England and all countries who eat our low fiber diet, excretion occurs after two to four days and up to two weeks among the elderly.  Slow bowel transit time allows certain colon bacteria to convert bile acids into carcinogens.  Our low fiber junk food diet causes us to convert our own harmless bile acids into carcinogens inside our colons.  These carcinogens have been isolated from low roughage feces but not from high roughage feces.

High roughage-eaters have different bowel bacteria (mainly streptococcus and lactobacillus), which do not convert bile acids into carcinogens.  These people pass large amounts of unchanged bile acids in their feces. A good rule of thumb is "hard in, soft out".  In other words, foods that are hard and full of fiber decrease the bowel transit time, and produce a high volume, soft stool with intact bile acids. To make a high fiber diet work, ALL refined, synthetic foods must be eliminated.  This includes all refined sugars (white sugar, fructose, NutraSweet, Saccharin, corn syrup, sorbitol and mannitol), all refined flours (bleached OR unbleached white flours), white rice, refined, filtered fruit juices, etc.   Another value of raw whole foods lies in the enzymes they contain.  In fact, anti-cancer diets contain raw juices from wheat or barley grass or other sources of chlorophyll, all fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts, raw fruits, raw vegetables, seeds, and raw fermented foods.

Aid for Colon Problems with Enzyme Support

Colon or intestinal disorders include all inflammatory conditions of the small or large intestine, such as colitis, diverticulitis, diverticulosis (inflammation of the pouches in the intestinal walls), gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the mucosal tissues of the intestines) and chronic (not acute) appendicitis.  Some of these conditions are very difficult to diagnose and require extensive medical tests.  Many people are misdiagnosed.  This is why I do not use medical terms (such as Colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.) to determine the enzymes needed for colon (intestinal) problems.  Instead, Loomis has developed enzymatic formulas for the following conditions:  diarrhea or frequent bowel movements, constipation or diarrhea alternating with frequent constipation.  These formulas are discussed below.

Each of these conditions may need special enzymes according to the individual need of the patient. However, there are certain enzymes that are commonly used for these conditions once they have been diagnosed.  I will list these, then talk about some case histories.

  • IrB (Irritable bowel) is a formula for people who have multiple bowel moments and loose stools or diarrhea.  It contains enzymes plus blackberry leaf and root bark, marshmallow root mullein leaf, nettle leaf, plantain leaf and psyllium seed husk.  
  • LgI (large intestine) is a formula for constipation.
  • SmI (Small intestine) is a formula containing cellulase and probiotics.  It is for alternating constipation and diarrhea, constipation with a hard, dry stool, yeast overgrowth and other parasites.

Chronic Appendicitis - A Common Phenomenon

I have found chronic appendicitis a common condition, even among very young children.  Symptoms very widely and often go unrecognized.  They may be as vague as a slight tummy ache, slight headache, and general feeling of malaise to severe abdominal pains without fever, nausea or vomiting to chronic vomiting episodes without fever or pain.  The difference between chronic and acute appendicitis is the disappearance of the symptoms between episodes.  In acute appendicitis requiring surgery, the symptoms do not disappear and it can be fatal without surgery.

Europe recognizes chronic appendicitis and treats this condition with antibiotics and nutritional remedies.  They do not operate unless the condition is considered life threatening.  In America, surgery is usually recommended once the condition is diagnosed, because it is believed (but not proven) that the appendix, once inflamed, can never be healed. Which group is right?  Research has never proven either but a group of health practitioners in my network family, which includes acupuncturists, chiropractors and naturopaths, have clinical evidence that chronic appendicitis can be reversed with diet and nutritional therapy. Unfortunately, most people who have chronic appendicitis do not know they have it until it has become a life-threatening situation, which is why most people think appendicitis and surgery are synonymous terms.

Dr. Kiko Matsumoto, a Japanese acupuncturist, reported that the incidence of chronic appendicitis increased in Japan when the birthing practice of severing the umbilical cord before it stopped pulsing became widespread.  She explained that cutting the cord before it stops pulsing does not allow toxins to leave the neonate, laying the groundwork for allergies and chronic appendicitis.

Dr. Christine Klein, a Santa Cruz, California acupuncturist, learned this simple treatment from Dr. Matsumoto.  A sesame-sized piece of Moxa (Mugwort) is burned at the site of the protected umbilicus to withdraw toxins from the body.  This treatment is administered as a series based on the age of the patient - one treatment for each year of age.  Please don’t try this yourself.  Go to your licensed acupuncturist.

Case #1:  My twelve-year-old daughter, Veronica’s painful ordeal led me to the discovery of chronic appendicitis.  Her major health syndrome was constipation, which I observed in her as a nursing infant.  So concerned was I about this that I changed my career and went into the field of nutrition, just to find out natural remedies for constipation and other childhood illnesses.  I have always been against laxatives, including herbal ones.  In time, the person becomes addicted and the colon lazy.  It is as hard to wean a patient from laxatives as it is from sugar!

During her early years, I explored all of the common nutritional remedies for constipation and gradually, my daughter developed a normal daily bowel habit.  After my initiation as an enzyme therapist, I relaxed about this problem.  My daughter had no more constipation and my son's asthma was under control.  Whew!

Then, one Monday in October of 1991 after a wild weekend on the sunny beaches of California, Veronica woke up complaining about a tummy ache.  "It's okay, Mom," she said.  "I'll go to school anyway; I don't feel that sick."  One hour later she was vomiting and crying of non-localized abdominal pain without fever.  The vomiting episodes continued from 7 am until around 3 pm, with gradually increasing lapses of time between episodes starting with 30 minutes to one hour, then two, then three.  During her painful ordeal, I gave her SmI and administered a castor oil pack.  CAUTION: do not ever apply heat in this condition.  It is dangerous and could cause rupture of the appendix.  But castor oil itself is an excellent remedy for many conditions.  It couldn't be appendicitis, I thought.  Because appendicitis doesn't go away.  It took me one month of blood tests, a gallbladder scan and conversations with my network family to realize what she had.  All medical tests were negative.  She was the perfect specimen of health according to traditional medicine.

The day of discovery came when Dr. Don Sumers, an acupuncturist and long-time family friend, visited me.  I expressed my puzzled concern to him.  He replied, "let’s check for chronic appendicitis.”  As an acupuncturist, he used classic acupuncture points to test for this condition (S-25 and S-27).  Veronica tested positive at all appendicitis test points: periumbilical, lower right quad, need for protease, and positive at the S-25 and S-37 acupuncture points.

Here is how I helped Veronica's chronic appendicitis.  I used this program until she exhibited no more positive tests (about six months).  First, SmI powder in water twice daily; plus TRMA, 4 caps 3x/daily.  To this I added other remedies, including a Chinese herb administered by Dr. Sumers.  This is a traditional Chinese appendicitis remedy that has been used for three thousand years!  I thought it would be a sure bet.

Epilogue 1995:  The above story does not mention the connection between hypothyroidism and colon problems, including constipation, toxic colon and appendicitis.  When I discovered my daughter’s life-long hypothyroid problem, I placed her on thyroid therapy, but did not monitor her closely enough.  She needed a much higher dose than what I gave her.  As a result, in August 1994, she developed acute appendicitis requiring surgery.  I wish I could tell you the percentage of people with chronic appendicitis who require surgery but I cannot.  This is because the medical profession in the United States does not recognize the chronic condition.  

Case #2: A beautiful 40-year-old lady visited me for help with kidney stones, severe fatigue, bone pain, constipation, and weight gain of 60 pounds over a five-year period.   Her most disturbing symptom, however was chronic vomiting episodes lasting 2-3 hours once weekly for one and one half years.  There was no pain, abdominal cramps or fever, only disorientation, weakness and nausea prior to each episode.  She could not correlate them with anything, because they occurred whether she ate or fasted.  She had been on enzyme therapy and chiropractic care for three months and had experienced some relief in her constipation.  When I first tested her, she was in such pain everywhere that it was difficult for me to prioritize her needs.

During her third visit, I became very suspicious that she might have chronic appendicitis.  It was the medical "jump start" test for appendicitis that alerted me to her condition.  She all but came off the table and said, "it felt like you just ripped out my organs."  Because she indicated gastric irritation, (Stm), I could not give her protease, even though she tested for it.  She also had kidney stress  (Kdy) and many other indications.

Since pathology rules, I threw out all other remedies except the appendicitis remedies.   I added SmI and Citricidal.  Of course, I repeated the "911" symptoms but to this she replied, "I will stand on my head and spit nickels before I go to the hospital.”  She cleaned up her diet act and took her remedies faithfully.  To date, it has been four weeks since she has vomited.  She has less pain everywhere and has started to loose weight even though she is not "dieting".  She is eating whole organic foods and taking her enzymes.

Case #3:  My client and friend for at least 12 years has complaints of chronic constipation since birth, yeast overgrowth, and food intolerances.  She did quite well on nutritional therapy until she had a son, delivered by C-section. She nursed him for two years.  Following the birth of her son, she developed a severe skin problem, manifesting in several places including large areas behind the knees.  These areas would "weep and ooze" requiring gauze pads.  She took enzymes on and off.  But, no matter what she did, her skin problem remained chronic.

After medical tests for yeast and parasites, both of which were positive, she started an enzyme program which included other natural herbal remedies for the colon, skin, parasites, yeast, etc.  One evening she called me and said, "my skin looks great but I have a new problem - lower abdominal pain.  It's like a spasm and it radiates over my abdomen."  I told her to come immediately for testing.  I knew something new was presenting but my first thought was spastic colon.  

Luckily I insisted that she make an appointment. She gave the classic jump-start test for appendicitis.  She had no nausea or fever.  I warned her of the "911" symptoms. She panicked, went to her doctor, who got the same results, also warned her of the "911" symptoms and said "don't call me if you get a fever or start vomiting.  Just go directly to the hospital."

Another happy ending!  She did develop a slight fever but monitored her symptoms with enzymes and is now out of the woods.  To date, she is happy and feeling good!  Remember, colon problems lead to multiple conditions, not the least of which is chronic appendicitis.

Crohn's Disease; Ulcerative Colitis

One in every 100 Americans suffers from either Crohn's disease (ileitis) or ulcerative colitis.  The standard medical treatment for this includes drugs, commonly Prednisone (synthetic cortisone) and Sulfasalazine (Asulfazine) a combination of a sulfa drug plus a drug in the aspirin family.  The only other treatment is surgery, involving a colectomy, the surgical removal of the colon), plus an ileostomy, which creates an abdominal opening into which abdominal wastes are emptied via a disposable bag.

Current statistics indicate that 75% of those who have Crohn's disease will undergo at least one operation.   Unfortunately, most patients experience a recurrence of symptoms, requiring additional surgery.  In fact, statistics indicate that 20% of people require surgery after two years, 30% by three years and 50% by five years.

Case #1: Do not think the following case is unusual.  Rather, I believe it happens far too often.  A 15-year-old male was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after the following history:

  • Received steroids plus Benedryl for bee sting allergy in April 1990.
  • Received Prednisone for poison oak in May 1990.
  • Received Penicillin and other antibiotics in July 1990 for what was thought to be Lyme’s disease.  Symptoms included lumps on feet and legs, vomiting, stiff, sore legs. In addition, treated with additional antibiotics for exposure to meningitis.
  • Received Prednisone in September 1990 for poison oak.
  • Subsequently, he developed a pain in his lower right quadrant, and was given Zantac for what the doctor said was an acid stomach.
  • By October 1990, he developed symptoms of night sweats, rapid weight loss of 25 pounds and pain in the lower right quadrant.
  • By November 1990 following medical tests including colonoscopy, barium enema, colon biopsy and blood chemistries, this young man was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and placed on Prednisone and Asulfazine therapy.
  • By January 1991, the doctor advised that the drugs were not working and recommended surgery.

At this time, his mother, the owner of a health food store and friend of mine, panicked and sent him to me. I tested him and found the need for SmI, protease TRMA) and a digestive enzyme indicating that this young man may be both gluten and sugar intolerant (PAN).  Because of his age, I gave him only the minimal enzyme support and advised him to avoid wheat and sugar products.  He was scared enough to do it.  The next time he came, two weeks later, I didn't recognize him.  His skin looked pink and he looked like a normal teenager! Within three months, he gained 25 pounds and looked like a football player instead of an anorexic victim!

That was January 1991.  It is now August 2001.  This young man remains vibrant and healthy providing he does not eat foods containing wheat or sugar.  He is now married and has a child.

Case #2:  This case is from the Loomis files.  It serves to illustrate how identical symptoms result from diverse causes and need diverse therapies.  A patient went to Dr. Loomis after being on Prednisone for eight years following diagnosis of Crohn's disease.  His only symptom was bloody diarrhea.  After this many years, he was disabled and could not work.  His doctors recommended chemotherapy to prevent the onset of cancer following so long a use of Prednisone. 

Dr. Loomis examined and palpated this patient and said, (let me paraphrase) "I do not know what you have, but I do not believe that it is Crohn's disease."  According to Loomis' tests, he needed Thera-zyme Bil, a digestive enzyme recommended for fat intolerant patients Thera-zyme MSCLR (high in amylase) and Lvr (a liver formula with milk thistle).  The patient took these remedies and started expectorating a thick greenish mucous which was tested and diagnosed to be yeast.  Prior to his visit with Loomis, the patient's sputum was totally clear. After some time, the bloody diarrhea and the green mucous disappeared.  The patient threw away his drugs and returned to work.

This illustrates that I am not giving you Betty Crocker Doctor cookbook remedies for serious conditions.  Rather, we are giving patients the enzymes that they need for whatever condition is indicated by clinical tests.  Sometimes a condition will indicate more than one enzyme deficiency.

Case #3: A 43-year old man was medically diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and the resulting common symptoms of frequent bloody diarrhea, and severe pain in the upper left quadrant during attacks.  Meat, ice cream, French fries and gluten-containing foods worsened his condition.   When I met him he had been taking Prednisone (Deltasone) and Asulfazine (Sulfasalazine), the standard treatment for this condition as well as other colon problems such as Crohn’s disease. Prednisone is synthetic cortisone, which suppresses the immune system and increases the risk of getting bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections.  Prednisone can also cause ulcers, diabetes, seizures and glaucoma.   Asulfazine, a formula containing salicylates, is recommended for life for patients with colitis and Crohn’s disease.

This man was quite aware of his emotional problems and had been taking positive therapy to remediate them.   I have observed that patients who are conscious of emotional and spiritual aspects of their illness respond better to enzyme therapy than those who are not.  His urinalysis indicated polyuria (excessive urine volume), probably due to the Prednisone; excess consumption of fat; vitamin C deficiency; sugar intolerance and low calcium.  The Loomis palpation test indicated the same, plus the need for the vitamin B complex, an antioxidant formula and acidophilus. He also had indications of a sluggish thyroid gland.  His resting pulse was only 56 beats-per-minute. 

I started him on the following program:

  • PAN, a digestive formula for sugar intolerance
  • ADR, a formula containing the B-complex plus enzymes
  • Nsl, an antioxidant formula for toxins and
  • SmI, an acidophilus formula high in cellulase
  • Thyroid glandular

I cautioned him to avoid refined sugars, gluten grains, meat and junk food.  Three weeks later, he returned.  He had been decreasing his dose of Prednisone gradually and had had no recurring episodes of colitis.  When I did the palpation test, he now needed a formula for gastric irritation (Stm), one of the many side effects of taking Prednisone and other anti-inflammatory drugs.  His resting pulse was still very low (60-64 beats-per-minute) so I started him on a raw thyroid glandular.  One and one-half months later, he called to report that he was no longer taking his drugs and had had no recurrence of colitis.

Colitis, Diverticulitis

There is no set formula for these conditions and what is needed will vary with each person, just like those medically diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  IrB and/or SmI are often needed.  I have many clients presenting with spastic colon, mucous colitis and diverticulitis.  All of them have greatly benefited from the above enzymes plus others determined by the Loomis 24-hour urine test. 

Other Cases Involving Diarrhea

Case 1: A 57-year old man presented with a diagnosis of spastic colon of 20 years duration.  His exams showed no parasites.  His symptoms included feeling sick about 2 hours after eating, with headache, weakness, gas and abdominal pain.  His diarrhea was controlled by 4-5 doses of Lomatil daily but the drug did not control his digestive symptoms.  He was milk intolerant and milk consumption led to diarrhea.  His diet was a fairly typical refined, processed American diet with the exception of milk, due to lactose intolerance.

His 24-hour urinalysis showed kidney stress, a very low pH, a severe vitamin C deficiency, calcium and magnesium deficiency and a toxic colon.  It also showed excess fat and protein consumption, and poor sugar metabolism.  People with a spastic colon are usually fiber intolerant and have a tendency to like fats because they make them feel good!  They respond dramatically to a high-lipase multiple digestive formula (Thera-zyme VSCLR).  In addition, vitamin C (Thera-zyme Opt) was given.  Because of the kidney stress, a kidney/lymphatic drainage remedy was given (Thera-zyme Kdy).   The herbs in this remedy have antiseptic qualities and nutrients that help reduce edema and swollen lymph glands, help the kidneys cleanse the blood and reduce the symptoms of allergies - nasal congestion, runny eyes/nose, itching/swelling of the eyes, nose and throat, and frontal headache and sometimes nausea.  In my experience, more people need this enzyme formula than any other single formula. 

In less than one month, this man told me that he had 100% improvement!  He felt great, dumped his Lomatil and could eat most foods without symptoms!  One and one-half years later, he is still doing fine, with occasional need for other enzymes, according to his current symptoms.

Case 2: A 41-year old woman presented with obesity (she weighed 230 pounds and was 5’3” tall), hypertension and severe, chronic diarrhea.  She had painful diarrhea six to ten times daily.  This should lay to rest the myth that laxatives cause weight loss!  She described her diarrhea as “more painful than having a baby.”   The onset was characterized by a hot flash, weakness, and pain in the colon and rectum.  She also suffered hormonal imbalances following a partial hysterectomy at the age of 26 due to damage from the Dalcon shield.   At the age of 40, she went through gallbladder surgery following heavy dieting.

Her drugs included Norvasc (for hypertension) and Bonine (for light headedness and dizziness).  Doctors had done many biopsies but could not diagnose the cause of the diarrhea, although they ruled out Crohn’s disease.  A lactose tolerance test made her very ill.  Also, she reported being intolerant to wheat, pasta and grains.

Her 24-hour urinalysis showed a toxic colon (high indican), sugar intolerance, very low calcium, excess acidity and a severe vitamin C deficiency.  In addition, she had a very low axillary temperature (95.5 degrees F) and a low resting pulse (64). This plus her symptoms (weight gain, insomnia, depression, fatigue, and heart palpitations) indicated hypothyroidism.  Her doctor confirmed my suspicions and placed her on a natural thyroid glandular.

I recommended an organic, whole foods diet, especially avoiding gallbladder irritants, synthetic sugars (sucrose, fructose, NutraSweet, Saccharin, corn syrup, etc.), all gluten foods (wheat, oats, rye and barley), and synthetic or commercial fats including margarine, all partially hydrogenated oils, and all commercial polyunsaturated oils (omega-3 and -6 oils) or PUFA.

Here are the enzymes and natural supplements I recommended:

  • PAN, a digestive enzyme for sugar and wheat intolerance
  • Lvr, an enzyme-herbal formula for liver/gallbladder problems
  • Opt, a vitamin C formula from whole foods plus enzymes containing no ascorbic acid ascorbates 
  • TRMA, a protease for soft tissue inflammation, chronic infections (bacterial or viral), the immune system and parasites
  • IrB, an enzyme herbal formula specifically for multiple bowel movements, loose stools or diarrhea
  • Oral 10% natural progesterone in natural vitamin E (Dr. Ray Peat’s formula)
  • Thyroid glandular

She received her supplements on a Thursday afternoon and took them later in the day.  The next morning, they came out intact with her diarrhea!  This was a very unusual occurrence.  Normally, the enzymes go from the stomach into the blood in fifteen minutes if taken on an empty stomach. You can actually see the effect of the enzymes by looking at the blood through a dark field microscope prior to and fifteen minutes after taking the enzymes.  Upset, she called to describe her sad situation.  I recommended opening the capsules and putting the enzymes directly into water and drinking the solution.  She did this, and from the first dose of enzymes, her diarrhea disappeared and has not returned, except during a very stressful emotional trauma - her husband was nearly killed in an auto accident.  That was almost two months ago.  She is feeling much better and is losing “tons of weight” and she said that her mother didn’t understand how food enzymes and a glandular plus a special diet could do all of this!

"Disclaimer:  I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor.  I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases.  I do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles. I do not prescribe prescription drugs nor do I tell you to discontinue them.  I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body.  If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician."

Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease.  They are intended for nutritional support only.  The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in case notes and testimonials published here are not typical, however, they do show what some people have been able to achieve.  Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action.  The third party information referred to herein is neither adopted nor endorsed by this web site but is provided for general information purposes. The listing of specific disease terms is based upon medical literature and is not a substitute for competent medical advice.  If you suspect a medical condition, you should consult a physician.

Copyright 2001 - 2010.  Neither this article, nor any part of it, may be reproduced without permission. 
If permission to reprint is granted, the article must include author and URL information.
Lita Lee, Ph.D.

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