Candidiasis And Other Parasites

By Lita Lee, Ph.D.

Published Date: 4/27/2001

Candidiasis, or the overgrowth of unhealthy species of yeast, is one of the outcomes of our modern junk food diets and our overuse of antibiotics, birth control pills, estrogen therapy and corticosteroids. In addition, since fungal infections are opportunistic, they are common among people who have serious immune system problems such as diabetes and AIDS.

Many clients who come to me believe that they have candidiasis and that it is the cause of all of their health problems. I disagree. Candidiasis isn’t the cause of illness. It is the outcome of a suppressed immune system from a bad diet, overuse of antibiotics or serious illness. Although candidiasis is common, it’s not quite as common as many people believe. Why? Because the symptoms of candidiasis overlap with those of poor digestion. Also, parasites other than Candida albicans can have very similar signs and indications as those for candidiasis. These symptoms can include bloating, food and environmental allergies, gastrointestinal problems, constipation or diarrhea, itchy skin, skin rashes and so on.

Many doctors believe that pathogenic yeast can enter into the blood stream, especially when the yeast is in the fungal form. Others, such as Dr. Loomis and myself, do not believe that pathogenic yeast can live inside the body, but can only reside outside the body, such as in the gastrointestinal tract, mouth, lungs and skin. No matter who is right, there is a natural, non-toxic enzyme nutrition program which utilizes an enzyme to digest the yeast.

In addition, not only pathogenic yeast, but other forms of parasites should be addressed. Below is a description of enzyme and herbal nutrition for yeast overgrowth and other parasites. I taylor each program specifically to the client and his or her needs. I use the Loomis 24-hour urinalysis, an extensive health history and the Loomis palpation for clients who come to my office to determine the best enzyme program for each client.

Candidiasis Nutritional Program

Here are the major enzyme formulas required. Other enzymes may apply according to the results of the Loomis urinalysis test, client history and the palpation test. This list does not include a multiple digestive enzyme formula which must be determined by the Loomis urinalysis test which designates foods that are poorly digested.

  • SmI - contains cellulase which digests unwanted species of yeast plus probiotics required to establish healthy intestinal flora.
  • TRMA - a high protease formula which is for nutritional support of the immune system.
  • Citricidal Tabs - a botanical formula for many kinds of parasites (see article on Citricidal).


Here is a list of the formulas that I use for nutritional support where parasites are suspected. You may not know which one you need. This is common. There are hundreds of parasites. I can only go by your signs and indications plus the urine test and the Loomis palpation test.

Here is a summary of these formulas:

  • SmI - for yeast, skin and nail fungus and other parasites. Take one tbsp in water twice daily in the am and the pm.
  • Challenge Food Powder - for parasites and pin worms. Take one tbsp in water in the am and the pm. Continue this formula until anal itch is gone.
  • TRMA - important for big worms. Take 4 caps between meals (30 minutes before or 2 hours after meals 3x/d until no more worms - all symptoms must be gone). Many clients get loose stools or diarrhea after a week or two during expulsion of the worms which may or may not be visible in the stool. Contraindication: gastric problems (gastritis, hiatal hernia, ulcers, esophageal reflux etc.).
  • Citricidal tabs (4 drops per tab) - take 2 tabs per meal 3x/d until parasites gone. Maintain with 1 tab per meal 3/d.
  • Lagundi. This is a relatively new parasite formula that was developed for nutritional support in people with lung problems (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza, etc.). Clinical studies have shown that this herb is also a nutritional anti-parasite formula, and, in fact, clients have reported passing very large tape worms when taking Lagundi.

Case Histories

The boy with severe behavior problems

A young boy presented with behavior problems so severe that doctors suggested to the parents that they place this boy in an institute for delinquents. Aghast, the parents sought a more natural solution. They went to Dr. Howard Loomis. Upon testing, the young boy was found to have severe parasites. A high protease formula was given (TRMA) plus other formulas to improve digestion. Within 48 hours, this boy started to eliminate rather large worms. After eliminating them, his behavior became normal.

The woman who had worms but didn’t know it

A young woman presented with stomach problems requiring the stomach support formula (Stm). In addition, my palpation test indicated the need for the SmI formula. I told her that she either had a yeast infection or some other kind of parasite. She was not sure of her symptoms. Three days later, she called me and said excitedly, “you were right. I had parasites. I just passed a seven-inch worm.”

The man who had worms for seven years

A 44-year old man presented with symptoms of five years duration, which included bowel irritation, severe anal itching, with occasional bleeding and mucous, itching skin, skin irritation with a pimply rash on his wrists, ankles and the sides of his thighs. He reported severe allergies with many symptoms. Since parasites mask other digestive symptoms, I decided to work on his obvious problems of parasites. His case history indicated larger parasites (worms), so, I recommended enzymes high in protease: Bil (to digest food) and TRMA (for the large parasites). He called me to tell me that, suddenly one day, abut two weeks after starting his enzyme program, he developed loose stools for about a day.. Thereafter, his symptoms cleared up and he felt dramatically different. The worms now gone, we could now work on his other digestive problems.

The man who couldn’t drink wine

A young man presented with symptoms of digestive problems plus a history of candidiasis for which he was taking Nystatin, the drug of choice for candidiasis. His urine test indicated that he was sugar intolerant and had an allergic pattern. My palpation test indicated immune system and liver problems but no yeast overgrowth. His main complaint was that he thought his symptoms were due to his yeast overgrowth problem, so he increased his daily dose of Nystatin, but, this made him worse. I explained to him that Nystatin causes live damage. To help him, I recommended a multiple digestive enzyme formula for his major problem – sugar and what intolerance (PAN). I also gave him Kdy for allergies, Lvr for his liver plus TRMA for his immune system. It took about six months, but gradually, this young man got well, and could drink wine with his dinner.

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