To Your Health - October 1999
To Your Health - October 1999
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The Enzyme Cure

By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: October 1999
Pain Relief Nutrition; Bach flower Remedies; Sound Bites

Pain Relief Nutrition. Got a pain? This article will suggest enzymes to nourish the area of your pain, whether it's your neck, tendonitis, athletic injury and so on); Sound Bites (sound therapy stories); The Bach Flower remedies (a history of the flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach with a case history to illustrate).

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October 1999 Volume 4, Issue 4

So Much To Share...

Greetings! And welcome to this millennium’s final issue of To Your Health. In this issue, I focus on natural remedies for pain and share my wonderful experience at the annual Sound Health Conference in Ohio. I also describe the use of flower essences (primarily Bach) to aid in the healing process when there is emotional pain that either causes physical problems or hinders the relief of physical problems.

I hope the approaching holiday season finds you all happy and healthy and looking forward to the new millennium.

To Your Health!

What A Pain… What A Relief!

Can enzymes help relieve pain? Yes, in many cases, simply by nourishing the part of the body that needs help.

First you must find the cause of the pain. Some pain, like headache, has more than one cause and may require different remedies, though there is some overlap as some pain formulas relieve more than one kind of pain.

There are two choices for pain. Either you numb the body with a prescription pain killer that has terrible side effects (constipation, ulcers, etc.) or you nourish the area in pain with nutrition and allow the body to heal itself.

In addition to the remedies listed below I strongly recommend chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy by qualified therapists.

Thera-zyme Enzyme Formulas

TRMA For deep bone pain, pain of injury or surgery. Dosage: 4 caps between meals, 3x/d.

Sym For pain (headache, sore neck, etc.) from misaligned upper cervicals (C1 or atlas, C2 or C3). Dosage: 4 caps 3-5x/d to relieve pain and hold adjustments.

Nsl For facial pain. Dosage: 2 or more caps 3x/d with meals.

OSTEO For the pain of osteoarthritis, gout and bone or joint pain in muscles, the spine, hips, knees, feet or hands. Dosage: 4 caps 3 or more x/d until pain relieved.

IVD For back pain anywhere. 4 caps 3-5 x/d as needed.

Para sometimes relieves low back pain, but not always. 2-4 caps 3 x/d.

Headaches: Causes and Remedies:

Migraines have several causes and a common one is estrogen dominance, common in women. Treatment is progesterone and thyroid therapy.

Headaches at temples: The formula for this is VSCLR. I would use 4 caps 3x/d as needed.

Back of neck headaches (can include migraines): These are caused by misaligned upper cervical vertebrae (C1 or atlas, C2 and C3). In addition to headaches, upper cervical problems can cause high blood pressure, seizures, strokes and bad digestion. Chiropractic adjustments are a must. The formula for this is Sym, 4 caps 3-5x/d to relieve pain and 2 caps 3x/d to hold adjustments.

Frontal headaches: These can be relieved by Kdy, 3 caps between meals, 3x/d. This formula also relieves hypoglycemia and the nausea of low blood sugar, as well as morning sickness (due to low blood sugar), swollen glands and allergies of any kind.

TMJ headaches: The formula for this is IVD, 4 caps 3x/d.

Sinus headaches: Nsl (2-4 caps 3x/d) plus Kdy (3 caps 3x/d) usually relieve this problem. If infection is present, add TRMA (4 caps 3x/d between meals) and Citricidal tabs (2 per meal 3x/d)

Facial pain: Nsl to the rescue (2-3 caps 3x/d until well)

Colon headaches: This is from a toxic colon (high indican). All enzymes lower indican but in particular, SmI and the Challenge Food Powder are specifically for high indican.

Gallbladder headaches: The enzyme connection is lipase. The multiple digestive enzymes are Bil or HCL (2 caps per meal). Women should also take progesterone. Six times more women lose their gallbladders than men because of estrogen dominance which is corrected with progesterone.

Progesterone to Relieve Pain:

Progesterone is nature’s anesthetic. It rises dramatically during pregnancy and peaks at childbirth to relieve the pain, but it can relieve many other pains as well. Use 3% progesterone cream topically to relieve arthritic pain and the pain of injury. The oral 10% natural progesterone in vitamin E oil is especially good for women. By correcting hormonal imbalances due to low thyroid function and the resulting estrogen dominance, it can relieve the pain of ovarian cysts, PMS, breast pain and even the migraines due to estrogen.

Sound Therapy

My sound therapy teacher, Sharry Edwards, gave me a sound formula that helps relieve pain and is very relaxing. It is a sound based upon the note of E (calcium) at two different octaves. I have used this sound to relieve pain following surgery, back of neck pain and many other pains.

In addition, pain can be relieved anywhere by giving the frequency of the organ, muscle, vertebrae, etc. that is injured. There are three possible frequencies that may relieve the pain and the correct ones must be determined by testing the person’s response to each sound. Frequencies that maintain or raise the oxygenation and keep the pulse steady and optimum are good frequencies.

More Myths


Cortisone & Propylene Glycol

Cortisone—Is it good? NO!

Do not be fooled into taking any kind of cortisone (cortisol) drug, such as Cortef, Prednisone or any other mimic. Most patients are given between 15 and 35 mg of cortisone and some as much as 60 mg daily. According to Dr. Ray Peat, “The body normally produces only about 20mg of cortisol daily, so 20 mg is enough to cause the adrenals to shrink. This therapy is dangerous, since low adrenal function is usually a consequence of hypothyroidism and taking cortisol turns it into an actual glandular atrophy. If we can produce enough pregnenolone, we hardly need cortisol. It’s just good to have available for emergencies.”

The usual doses of both cortisone (even 20-35 mg) and also testosterone (5 mg) are very high. Dr. Peat says both make one feel “great in the beginning but the skin, bones, brain and thymus are ruined.”

The only way you can wean yourself from any kind of cortisone drug is to take thyroid glandular, progesterone and pregnenolone.

Hypothyroidism leads to surges of adrenalin and cortisol – the body’s attempt to keep the body upright. Adrenalin causes hyperactivity in both children and adults so they appear to be very energetic. However, energy should come from glucose, not adrenalin and excess adrenalin causes hypertension, panic attacks and heart disease. Adrenalin leads to an increase in cortisol (the cortisone produced by the body). Cortisol raises the blood sugar but the side effects of excess cortisol include: diabetes, seizures, low blood pressure, bone loss and glaucoma. All hypothyroid people have varying degrees of excess adrenalin and cortisol. Why take yet more cortisone?

Propylene Glycol – Is it bad? NO!

Several patients have asked me about the toxic effects of propylene glycol. Here is what Dr. Ray Peat told me. Propylene glycol (PG) is not dangerous or toxic. The claim that it reduces red blood cell survival time and makes red blood cells more susceptible to oxidative damage is incorrect. In fact, PG acts as an antioxidant. Some PG is produced normally in the body during the breakdown of acetone. Dr. Peat says drinking large amounts of PG or taking it intravenously would cause excess lactic acid production, which is not good. Research showed that applying 11.5 cups of pure PG to the skin daily did not have a bad effect. Drinking one cup would act as a sedative, similar to (though not as strong as) ordinary alcohol (ethanol). PG is similar to glycerin (vegetable sugar) in effects and is used to preserve eggs and sperm. The amount in Peat’s jar of progesterone cream is so small that eating several bottles of the cream would have no effects at all from the PG.

Other research:

The following research found PG (also called PD) to be non-toxic:
· Cortisone-induced cataracts in developing chick embryos were prevented by PG.
(Ophthalmic Res. 1995; 27(6):350-5)
· Female rats were given PG to measure its effect on carbohydrate metabolism. PG caused a temporary elevation of blood glucose, lactic acid and other metabolites which returned to normal after one week.
(J. Appl Toxicol. 1993 Jan-Feb; 13(1):69-75)
· PG was applied topically to patients with skin disease without side effects as measured by blood tests.
(Br.J. Dermatol. 1990 Jan; 122(1):77-80)
· In studies of mild animal toxemia, oral administration of PG was found to have a positive effect.
(Vet. Rec. 1985 Mar 16; 116(11):2884-7)

The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring… And Do A Whole Lot More

In my ongoing search for ways to help my patients suffering from emotional stress due to illness and those whose emotional problems have created illness, I began studying flower essence formulas, particularly those created by Dr. Edward Bach, M.D. Bach gave up his lucrative practice as an immunologist and bacteriologist, devoting his life to finding a system of self-healing that dealt with the underlying causes of disease. In the early 1930’s he discovered the healing power of flowers. He was so highly sensitive that he could hold the petal of a flower and feel the effects of the qualities of the flowers. Before he died, he developed 38 formulas covering most of our emotional problems. Since his death, many hundreds of other flower essences have been created.

Think about it! All negative emotions deplete your vitality. Do you worry too much? Are you afraid? Are you depressed or despondent about yourself or a loved one’s condition? Are you bitter or resentful or do you hate someone? Do you worry too much about your loved ones? Do you not learn from your experiences? Do you procrastinate? Do you have low self esteem? Are you indecisive? Are you impatient? Are you spacey? Do you feel that your current condition will not go away? Are you depressed or feeling hopeless about a condition of long duration? Do you have feelings of suicide?

There are flower essences for all of these problems and more. I will describe these formulas in more detail in the next issue.


Rescue Remedy contains five flower essences and is probably the most well known formula. Many people carry some with them, where ever they go. It is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of physical or emotional shock.

A case of shock: One Friday evening as I was preparing dinner, I heard a woman screaming and beating on my door. She was covered with blood and had a very deep gash on her forehead and another above her eye. I was shaken because I knew that she had just run up my steep driveway (over 1,400 feet long). She was in shock – her skin cold, clammy and gray. She was nauseated and in pain. Calling 911, I described her condition and reported that her 3 friends were in the car that had rolled off the gravel road. The dispatcher told me to put a towel on her head and keep her comfortable. This was not enough for me. I started giving her the Rescue Remedy from Bach, 4 drops in a bit of water. I told her to sip and when the glass was gone, I refilled it. It took about 1.5 hours for the ambulance to arrive but when it did, this young woman was better – her skin was now pink and dry, her blood pressure normal and she was still talking. The medic looked at her forehead and said, “This is a twenty stitch injury.”

Another Way to Conserve Resources

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"Sound Bites"


Sound Health Conference

I just returned from the annual sound conference positively humming with excitement. Every year brings great advances in the technology of sound health with improved computer programs, new miracles and an increasing number of sound health practitioners sharing their results, ideas and therapies.

At this conference we were asked to share how we, as health practitioners, integrate sound therapy into our work. I got a lot of incredible information and I will share some of my favorite “sound bites” with you., but first some Sound Therapy basics.

A voice print is used to determine if any tones (notes) are low, high, unbalanced or missing. Sound therapy is used to adjust, balance and/or supply these tones. In general, people like the tones they need.

· Heather came to see Kaj because of life-long trouble with ear and sinus infections. Kaj analyzed her voice and found that Heather was deficient in the note "G". Kaj put this note into her tone box (to deliver the tones) along with about a dozen other notes. Heather listened to the tones for several days and then called Kaj to report that she was experiencing loose stools. When Heather returned for a reevaluation, she told Kaj "The white stuff that is always on my tongue went away after about 2 days of listening. It came back a few days later, but while I was listening it was gone." Kaj then realized that Heather had Candida albicans ("white stuff") and the deficient note (G) was the antedote!

Kaj Nagy,Worcester MA 508-757-6001

· Debbie came to Judy Chambers for relief from an athletic injury to her knee which had required surgery. Prior to the surgery, she had been a very active woman. Now she was in a lot of pain and limping. Her orthopedic surgeon said that she would limp the rest of her life and that her knee would never be normal. Judy gave her bone regeneration formulas derived from the sounds of calcium and magnesium plus nutrients related to bone health that were low or missing in her voice print (glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate). She also gave muscle sounds that were related to her injury. In three months, her knee was totally healed and functioning normally. Her doctor said that he had never seen an adult heal from this particular type of knee surgery.

Judy Chambers, M.A., Boca Raton, FL 561- 852-8322.

· Bob, a tennis coach and lawyer, came to Sharry 4.5 years after a motorcycle accident that severely damaged the bone and tissue of his right lower leg. Bob had not practiced law or coached since his accident. He refused to have his leg amputated, so the doctors transplanted muscles and other tissues to fill up the missing part of his leg. He was told he would either be wheel chair bound or need crutches the rest of his life. Sharry’s therapy was gradual and effective. At first he could stand, then walk, and now he can play tennis without hurting his injured leg or even limping. His therapy is on-going due to the serious nature of his injury, but he now reports that he is leading a normal life. Bob came to our banquet and I got to see him in person.

Sharry showed videos of others who came to her in terrible pain following injuries; told they would never lead normal lives. Witnessing these grateful people telling their stories and able to walk will be a lasting memory for me.

Sharry Edwards, Albany, OH


· This is a very interesting story about a woman who channels at least two angelic beings. When she channeled the beings, her voice (and voice print) became completely different. Both channeled voices had accents and the changes in the channeled voice prints were astounding. Neither of them looked like human voice prints. No skeptic could argue with this!

Robert Bonham, Walland, TN

Important Note

To find a certified sound therapist in your area, please call Sharry Edwards at Sound Health 740-698-9119.
Be sure that your sound therapist has been certified by Ms. Edwards. There are unqualified therapists who claim to be certified, but are not.
You can learn more about Ms. Edwards at

Disclaimer: Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. Human BioAcoustics researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.

Please Note: The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in these case notes and testimonials published here are not typical. One of the main lessons that Natural Healing teaches us is that no one is typical. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. These results are what some people have achieved with our methods. Your results may vary.

Notice: I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. They are intended for nutritional support only. The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in case notes and testimonials published here are not typical, however they do show what some people have been able to achieve. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. The third party information referred to herein is neither adopted nor endorsed by this web site but is provided for general information purposes. The listing of specific disease terms is based upon medical literature and is not a substitute for competent medical advice. If you suspect a medical condition, you should consult a physician.

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Notice: I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician.

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