To Your Health - October 2003
To Your Health - October 2003
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By Lita Lee, Ph.D.
Newsletter: October 2003
Got a pain? Read about enzymes for pain. Also, find out why aspirin is for more than just pain.

Aspirin, It’s Not Just For Pain; Enzyme Nutrition For Pain; Sound Bites: using BioAcoustics to resolve a case of chronic, pain of unknown origin; What’s Cooking? An invitation to send Dr. Lee your favorite healthy recipes for her cook book.

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October 2003 Volume 8, Issue 4


Embrace Life...


Welcome to autumn with its rich variant colors and Indian summer. I hope that you took some time off this summer for pleasure. As we head into fall and winter, let us keep positive thoughts and prayers for peaceful and loving solutions to the many world problems that we are facing. Let us love what we cherish instead of hating what we don’t.  Send loving and positive thoughts to the Earth and all of its creatures. And don’t forget to send some love to your loved ones!


To your health!



"Sound Bites"


A Case of Chronic, Unresolved Pain by Liz Lonergan


For as far back as she could remember, Mary suffered with chronic pain in her neck, shoulder, ribcage and hip, as well as chronic headaches, all on her right side. She could not recall any injury. She has psychic abilities but was unable to get in touch with the root cause of her own chronic pain. Previous treatments included pain medications, homeopathics, acupuncture and massage therapies, all without relief. She was told that her pain was something that she had to “learn to live with."
BioAcoustic evaluation revealed that several of Mary’s birth notes were missing from her vocal print.  When the missing notes were arranged in a harmonic fashion and played for Mary, she became very relaxed and fell into a meditative state. After about ten minutes, Mary curled up like a frightened child and began to cry. After several minutes, she relaxed again and began to laugh. As she straightened her posture, she exclaimed that all of her pains were gone.
Later, Mary said that “all of the missing puzzle pieces finally fell into place”. She told this story: In a past life, she had been stoned to death. During the stoning she had cowered up against a tree, exposing her right side to the stones being thrown at her. The stones hit her repeatedly in the head, shoulder, right side of her neck, ribs and hip.
Mary’s mysterious pains never returned. She refers everyone she knows who feels energetically stuck for BioAcoustics therapy. Says Mary, “I am so grateful that this technology is available, I believe it truly is a gift from God.  All healing should and will be this natural some day.”
The important thing is that Mary’s pain went away, never to return. For those of you who would like more information on past life regression, I recommend the books of Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., a psychiatrist whose professional and personal life was changed by a patient who, under hypnotherapy, reported past life experiences. One of his books is entitled Only Love Is Real.
Abstract of a paper presented by Liz Lonergan, RN, CMT at the 2003 BioAcoustics conference, Cincinnati, Ohio. Liz is at The Center for Body & Soul, 12530 S. Harlem Ave., Palos Heights, IL 60463, 708-448-2221; Fax 708-448-3371;
Important Note

To find a certified sound therapist in your area, please call Sharry Edwards at Sound Health @ 740-698-9119.  Be sure that your sound therapist has been certified by Ms. Edwards. There are unqualified therapists who claim to be certified, but are not.  You can learn more about Ms. Edwards at


Disclaimer: Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions. Human BioAcoustics researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.



Aspirin, It’s Not Just For Pain


This is an excerpt from Dr. Ray Peat’s article on aspirin and its uses. Copyright 2002, Raymond Peat, P.O. Box 5764, Eugene, OR 97405, January 2003. To order a complete reprint with references, please send $4.50 to Dr. Peat’s address. All quotations are from Dr. Peat’s newsletter or email notes.
According to Ray Peat, aspirin, like any industrial product, is always more or less contaminated and, although it is usually helpful for allergies and asthma, it can provoke asthma attacks in some people (because of the impurities). In the early 1980s, a big publicity campaign warned parents that giving aspirin to a child could cause the potentially fatal Reye’s Syndrome. As aspirin sales declined, acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc.) sales increased. But in Australia a Reye’s Syndrome study found that six times as many of them had been using acetaminophen (Tylenol) as had used aspirin (Orlowski, et al., 1987).
More recently, there has been more publicity about the damage that aspirin can do to the stomach and the intestines. This publicity increased when the sale of the new  “COX-2 inhibitors” came out. These new COX-2 inhibitor drugs damage the circulatory system, rather than protecting it, as aspirin does. The COX (cyclooxygenase) enzymes that make prostaglandins (inflammatory substances) are just one among many systems activated by stress.
 “Some people's intestinal bacteria make vitamin K in adequate amounts, but some don't, especially after using an antibiotic, so I advise people to eat liver two or three times a month if they are going to eat much aspirin, to prevent the risk of excessive bleeding. I think one or two aspirins daily are usually beneficial, as long as they eat some liver, but if a person eats lots of fruit, they are probably getting enough salicylic acid without using aspirin. I occasionally take more than that, or none, depending on diet and other conditions. If a person has cancer, they might want to take ten or twelve aspirins per day, even though that amount can sometimes damage the hearing (salicylic acid would be a better form for people who want to take large therapeutic amounts).”
“The slight irritation produced by a normal dose of aspirin can be minimized by dissolving the aspirin in water. The stomach develops a tolerance for aspirin over a period of a few days, allowing the dose to be increased if necessary. Both aspirin and salicylic acid can be absorbed through the skin, so rheumatic problems have been treated by adding either to bath water.”
Here is a summary of the beneficial effects of aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid, which rapidly breaks down into acetic acid and salicylic acid (found in many fruits). Salicylic acid is protective to the stomach and the intestines and other organs. Salicylic acid protects against the damage done by other drugs. Aspirin, (the salicylic acid moiety) is similar to progesterone in many of its effects as you will see in the summary below.
Believed to be an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes that form prostaglandins (inflammatory substances) but this is only part of its effect. Sometimes its effect is the opposite of other prostaglandin inhibitors. It is the acetyl radical from aspirin that inactivates the COX enzymes. The other beneficial effects listed below are due to the salicylic acid part of aspirin:
Protects against the harmful effects of estrogen, prolactin, serotonin, cortisol, histamine and radiation.
Reduces blood clotting but can decrease excessive menstrual bleeding.
Protects the stomach against damage done by other common anti-inflammatory drugs. Repeated use protects the stomach against very strong irritants.
Inhibits abnormal cell division (cancer, psoriasis) but promotes normal cell division in the skin.
Inhibits vascular proliferation and thus is anti-metastatic (reduces the spread of cancer). 
In many studies, it slows or regresses tumor growth.
Protects against many systemic consequences of cancer, such as wasting (cachexia), immunosuppression and strokes.
Inhibits interleukin 6 and other inflammatory cytokines, which are factors in heart disease, breast and liver cancer. 
Protects the brain and can improve learning while preventing excitotoxic (seizure) nerve injury. 
Protects against several kinds of toxins involved in brain degeneration.
As an antioxidant, prevents premature birth and birth defects caused by diabetes, preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy) and exposure to alcohol. 
Provides nutritional protection against neural tube defects and many of the gestational problems associated with lupus.
Protects against lipid peroxidation (of unsaturated fatty acids to toxic substances).
Elevates ATP levels in brain neurons and brain mitochondria and thus stimulates mitochondrial respiration. 
Protects against many forms of shock and stress, and corrects imbalances in the nervous system.
Protects against radiation (ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays).
Decreases estrogen production by inhibiting the release of free fatty acids and prostaglandin synthesis, both of which stimulate the aromatase enzymes that synthesize estrogen.
Like progesterone or vitamin E, can improve fertility by suppressing a prostaglandin and improving uterine circulation.

Protects the eyes and prevents certain kinds of blindness.


What’s Cooking?


Dr. Lee is busy compiling a cook book of healthy recipes - substituting coconut oil or butter for margarine or shortening, whole wheat for bleached white flour, Sucanat for white sugar, coconut milk for evaporated condensed milk and so on.

We invite you to send us your best have a photo you would like to include, please send it.  It will be a very friendly, informal and informative cookbook; simple and easy for busy folks.  If you don't have the exact measurements, just say "to taste," for example, sea salt to taste, spices to taste, etc.  We will format your recipe to fit our book, so not to worry, just send us your recipe.  Here is an example from a family friend:


Homemade salsa


A fairy's cup of tomatoes
A handful of onions
Enough garlic to make your breath smell
Jalapeños according to your taste buds
A small bunch of cilantro
A pinch of basil
A dab of sea salt
A squirt of lemon juice

Mix it to your desire and serve with love


Nutritional Support For Pain
The following Thera-Zyme enzyme formulas have many uses other than pain, though in this article I am emphasizing only the particular pain involved in each formula. In addition to enzymes, physical therapy is indicated (e.g. chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, etc.).  
OSTEO: indicated for  history of osteoarthritis or gout; musculoskeletal pain, difficulty walking, bone or joint pain in the spine, hips, knees, feet or hands; stiff joints or sore muscles; diagnosed with fibromyalgia; inflammation of any kind (fever, redness, swelling or pain).  Dosage: 3-6 caps 3x/d.
IVD:  indicated for  broken or fractured bones, gout, TMJ headaches, any kind of vertebral pain, disc problems including a herniated disc and TMJ headaches.   Dosage: 4 caps 3-5x/d until pain is relieved plus chiropractic.  
Para: a calcium formula indicated for low back pain, muscle soreness and weakness; nocturnal restless legs or cramps in the legs, toes, etc.  Dosage: 2-4 caps anytime 3x/d.  Sym: indicated for upper cervical problems (C1 or atlas, C2 and C3).  Indications requiring Sym: severe headaches including migraines, stiff/sore neck and difficulty turning the head.   Dosage: 4 caps 3-5x/d to relieve pain and 2 caps 3x/d to hold adjustments.   
Kdy: a lymphatic drainage formula indicated for  kidney pain (undiagnosed), frontal headaches.  Dosage:  3 caps 3x/d between meals.  If more help is needed, increase to 4 caps per dose.
TRMA:  a general pain formula, indicated for soft tissue trauma, injury, surgery, tendonitis. Dosage: 4 caps 3-4 x/d between meals.
Opt: contains a food source of vitamin C, indicated for relief of eye pain, eye strain headaches, sand in eyes.  Dosage: 2-4 caps 3x/d anytime.
Nsl:  contains a food source of vitamin C, indicated for sinus conditions including the pain from sinus headaches.  Dosage: 2-4 caps 3x/d anytime.
UrT: nourishes the lining of the mucus membranes in the urinary tract.  Indicated for painful or burning urination  (cystitis),  pain or discomfort over the bladder, and history of kidney stones.  Dosage: 2-4 caps 3x/d.  Dosage depends upon severity of symptoms.
Stm: a multiple digestive enzyme devoid of protease which nourishes the mucus membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.  Indicated for ulcers, burning  or pain in the stomach, gastritis and hiatal hernia, esophageal reflux.  Dosage: 2 caps with each meal and 4 caps anytime needed to relieve symptoms.
Bil: multiple digestive enzyme for fat intolerance (poor fat digestion) which can cause discomfort or pain under the right rib cage.  Dosage: 2 caps with each meal 3x/d.
PAN: multiple digestive enzyme for sugar intolerance (poor sugar digestion) which can cause discomfort or pain under the left rib cage.  Dosage: 2 caps with each meal 3x/d.
Summary of Headache Pain Formulas
I have listed first where the pain is and then the formulas.
* Back of neck or upper cervical (C1, C2, C3)  headaches:  Sym
* TMJ headaches: IVD
* Frontal headaches: Kdy
* Sinus headaches: Nsl
* Gallbladder headaches: use Bil multiple digestive enzyme for gallbladder stress, 2 caps with each meal and Lvr, 1-2 caps after meals 3x/d.   
* Colon headaches: find out the cause - use LgI for constipation, IrB for diarrhea and SmI for alternating constipation and diarrhea.  
Related articles:  Unwanted Stones - Kidney Stones And Gallstones; Colon Problems; Headaches; Allergies


Notes To Lita...

As you all know, my favorite lawyer, Ralph Fucetola,

aka tells me that I have to state:

“Testimonial results are not typical. Your results may vary.”


Dear Lita,

Your book (The Enzyme Cure) saved my life. I had a gallbladder attack and recognized it when I read about it in your book. Your book had more information than I could find anywhere. I even went to the emergency room with acute pain on my right side. They weren’t sure about what was wrong. Blood tests finally revealed gallbladder problems. An ultrasound showed that my gallbladder was fine but I had numerous 2-3 mm stones. I changed my diet and have had no problems since. I am taking progesterone and want to order Thera-zyme Bil and Lvr enzymes. I have lost 13 pounds and feel good. Thank you.

JG Alameda, CA


Dear Dr. Lee,

Thank you so much for The Enzyme Cure and for the enzymes. They are working very well and I am eating and digesting things I haven’t enjoyed for two years. I began feeling stronger after about two weeks of taking the enzymes and natural hormones. My muscle strength seems improved and I gained 5 pounds, which I needed. I am still not digesting wheat properly--- and I may never, as you said--- but if that is my only food allergy left after six months of healing, I will be very grateful.

GG Stonington, CT


I have noticed a huge difference in my body since the second week of taking 7 formulas. I am ready to reorder all 7 formulas which I will list below. It was hard for me to believe at first that I had so much more energy while taking enzymes. But it's been weeks now of more energy, less headaches, better mornings upon rising, feeling "normal " after eating (instead of sick, bloated or tired), easy and clean BMs, less eczema, fewer mood swings, less anxiety (despite the fact that I have cut back to 50% of my antidepressant dosage so far, on my way to 100%), less muscle aches, almost no backaches, less PMS... I know you get the idea. I know you've heard it all before. I thought I'd share my improvements and give you one more reason to smile today. Thank you to you and your staff.

DW Tuscon, AZ


Dear Lita,

You never cease to amaze me. I want you to know that my dog's tumors are almost gone. My mother and sister have lost a lot of weight due to your suggestions. Three of my friends are no longer experiencing  the horrible effects of menopause...all thanks to your book. Which, by the way, looks like it is 39 years old as well. It is one of my KEY reference books. Your book has given me so much insight and has so valuably enhanced others advice. Most people have no idea how their bodies work and what they really run on. Thank you so much for all of the times that you have been thoughtful enough to answer my questions. I am sure there will be more in the future. Thanks,

EP Wright City, Mo

Please Note: The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in these case notes and testimonials published here are not typical. One of the main lessons that Natural Healing teaches us is that no one is typical. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. These results are what some people have achieved with our methods. Your results may vary.
Notice: I am a chemist and an enzyme nutritionist, not a medical doctor. I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. I provide enzymes and other dietary supplements to improve digestion and to nourish and support normal function and structure of the body. If you suspect any disease, please consult your physician.
Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease. They are intended for nutritional support only. The FTC requires that we tell you that the results in case notes and testimonials published here are not typical, however they do show what some people have been able to achieve. Individuals vary, which is why we must always consider the whole person when recommending a course of action. The third party information referred to herein is neither adopted nor endorsed by this web site but is provided for general information purposes. The listing of specific disease terms is based upon medical literature and is not a substitute for competent medical advice. If you suspect a medical condition, you should consult a physician.

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